We are Passionate Firefighters and EMS Professionals

Our Mission? To serve and protect our community



Josh McNally

Fire Chief / Paramedic

Patrick O'Kane

Assistant Fire Chief / Paramedic

John Smith

Assistant Fire Chief / EMT

Cody Smith

Fire Captain / AEMT

Eric St Cyr

Fire Captain - Interior

Noah Burr

Lieutenant / EMT


Emily Luce

Engineer / Paramedic


Teana Smart

Firefighter / Paramedic

Burt Weed

RN / Paramedic

Dan Freitas

Firefighter / AEMT

Kristi Bryer

Engineer / EMT / RN


Nate Douglas


Cameron Dysart

Firefighter / EMT

Owen Sewall

Firefighter / EMT

Joe Carter

Ambulance Driver

Scott Crockett

Firefighter / Driver

Jon Chiasson

Firefighter / Driver

Tom Donahue

Fire Captain - Interior

Brittany Dow

Firefighter / Driver

Jacob Dow

Firefighter / Driver

Phil Dow III

Firefighter / Driver

Mark Hancock

Firefighter / Driver

Bridget Knights


Chris Lord

Firefighter / Driver

Chaplain Matt Vinal

Firefighter / Driver

John Doyle

Firefighter Support


Safe Response

Our response times are quick. We always strive to safely respond to emergencies in a timely manner.

We are Innovative

Our firefighters are always thinking of ideas that will someday help save lives.

Technology Driven

We utilize the latest in firefighting technology to save lives, improve firefighter safety, and to make our department efficient.

Community Focused

Our passion for our community is what keeps us going. Without our amazing community, we wouldn’t have amazing firefighters.

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